Surprise Rooftop Proposal at Lightology

Surprise proposals are pretty much the best thing ever, and when Lorissa contacted Elizabeth Greve Photography to plan a surprise proposal to her girlfriend Makenzie while on vacation to Chicago, they hatched a plan to pretend Liz was a tour guide, allowing them to visit the Lightology rooftop without Makenzie suspecting a thing. Read on to see how Lorissa popped the question!

Planning a Surprise Proposal

We’re both 25 years old and will have been together 5 years. Makenzie is from Hays, KS and I am from Lubbock, TX but we currently live in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Being so far from home we make it a priority to visit as often as we can when the opportunity arises. This is fantastic because family is important but it’s also been a set back because we hadn’t been able to experience our first real vacation together. After many failed attempts of planning but ultimately never following through due to unforeseen circumstances or just life getting in the way. We finally said ENOUGH! and booked our trip to the Windy City for August of 2019.

The thought of proposing had crossed my mind many times over the course of our relationship. But I knew Makenzie deserved something perfect – a moment that would be forever instilled in our memories. So my search began. I knew I wanted something secluded and intimate, so I researched rooftops in Chicago and finally landed on Lightology. Lightology is a light store with a beautiful secluded rooftop that overlooks the city. The greenery and flowers they have are magical and when I saw it I knew that this was where I wanted to propose to someone that has literally been the light of my life since I met her.

I knew I couldn’t just randomly take Makenzie to a light store, and I had to come up with a reason why we were dressing up. Then suddenly she gave me the perfect excuse: ads kept popping up on our Airbnb app for a photo tour guide around the city so I went with it! I had been in contact with Liz of Elizabeth Greve Photography for a whole year prior to our proposal, and she thought this was the perfect idea, as Makenzie wouldn’t be shocked that we were being photographed.

So, our fake tour was booked for August 13th 2019 at 4:30pm. I hadn’t been nervous until the entire ride there, which felt like an eternity. We walked in and one of the managers strolled us up to the rooftop where we met Liz. she stuck to her undercover persona super well, and set us up in a spot between beautiful greenery and a view of the city as the backdrop. After she snapped a couple pictures she gave me a look that said “OK, it’s all you.” So I dropped down fumbling in my pocket for the ring that I had been hiding for way too long and with shaking hands, presented it to Makenzie. After she said “Are you serious???” about 10 times, with me repeating “Will you?”, she finally said “YES!!” We spent the next hour laughing about the fake story me and Liz concocted, and also bursting with joy about what our future had in store.

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