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Here’s a short version of MY Story.

I’m a daughter, sister, niece, Aunt, friend, girlfriend, and a Chicagoan!  That about sums it up right?  No way!  Just like you, there is so much more to MY life than a few sentences can list!  While I can’t jump out of this screen, give you a hug, and laugh about how awkward it may be to meet someone new, I can give you a better idea of what makes me ME before actually meeting YOU.

FAMILY : Family is very important to me and I’m very blessed to have such a big and beautiful one.  I come from a family of 4 girls.  That’s right, FOUR!  We are all very different in such wonderful ways.  But when we are together, the goofiness from our dad comes out along with the unconditional kindness from our mom.  I am kind of obsessed with my adorable nieces and nephew…1 boy and 6 girls.  I talk about them ALL THE TIME and some of my funniest stories are because of them, especially when I take their picture. 😉

CITY : I live and work in one of the greatest cities in the U.S. “My Kind of Town…Chicago Is…”  In fact, I JUST moved to Logan Square with my Jeffrey, and I am LOVING it!  The murals and gritty feel of this area are PERFECT for photo shoots.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s schedule a session and you can find out for yourself!

TRAVEL : I love my city but any time I can, I’ll go travel somewhere new…ESPECIALLY during Chicago’s winter!  In fact, last Summer, my Jeffrey and I got to take an epic 2-week long road trip out West to some of the gorgeous National Parks that the U.S. has to offer.  You can read all about it HERE.  I cannot WAIT to start planning our next trip! All you destination wedding couples, message me ASAP!

LOL : Ask any of my past clients and they’ll all tell you the same, Liz laughs a LOT!  If we aren’t laughing or smiling or cracking up at something during your shoot or wedding, I’m doing something wrong.  I know getting your picture taken can feel awkward or uncomfortable.  BELIEVE ME.  I have been purposely scheduling more shoots of MYSELF lately so I know exactly how you all feel.  Who says you can’t also have fun and laugh about it?  My goal ALWAYS is to provide an experience where we can look back and say, ‘Hey, that was actually great.  Let’s do it again!’  Want to hear more from actual past clients?  Check out some amazing reviews HERE!

I really enjoy being a part of such an important day for couples and feel very honored that they let me experience it with them. Every couple I meet helps in creating lasting memories and sometimes really funny ones. Some of my favorite images are the candid ones, the poses I didn’t construct and you didn’t know about.  One important aspect to know when considering me as your photographer is I don’t pose a lot.  I like to photograph the moments of your day, you as you are.  I like to think of it as creating timeless memories.

If you have met me, you know I’m a little quirky, I laugh a LOT, most things I say don’t make sense (but it gets you smiling!), and most importantly, I want to have fun and create the best pictures possible for YOU! (Even if that means climbing fire escapes, walking in mud, or generally just stepping a BIT out of the box).

My goal every day for my business?  It’s best described by the great Maya Angelou : “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

So come meet me!

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I can’t wait to meet you, create some images that make you FEEL, and hear YOUR story. 😉