A Summer Rooftop Proposal with Rose Petal Trails

There’s nothing quite like a summer rooftop proposal with rose petal trails! That’s exactly what Andrea saw when she Mike led her to their private rooftop of their apartment building. Who could say no?! Photographed by Alison Leigh Photography.

The Proposal

“The proposal was perfect with all credit to Mike shifting a plan months in the making after Andrea, just weeks before, without knowledge of the plan, made a comment that she didn’t want to have a super public proposal. The original plan was to propose on Ohio Beach with friends and family there to surprise her for the “yes” moment.   Mike, knowing a beautiful Memorial Day weekend Saturday on the beach may count as fairly public, decided to instead pop the question when it was just the two of them (and their fabulous photographer of course). It was the perfect, intimate moment – overlooking the lake – before the couple headed straight to a surprise party with friends and family from across the country that awaited them at Shore Club to celebrate. The weekend included an evening boat cruise, a night out at Love Street (where they had their first date) a dinner for just the two of them at Avli Taverna (where they had their next date), recreating the moments that started it all.”-Andrea & Mike

Being Engaged

“It’s a special time with unmatched excitement and giddiness. We love planning and keep reminding ourselves to relish this time in between with an appreciation for this period of engagement and not just with anticipation for the wedding. We’re leaning into each decision we make for the wedding as something we not only have to do, but are so lucky to do. We also feel so lucky to have friends and family willing and excited to make the journey with us to Greece and offering all the advice and help. Lucky is really the key word. Lucky to have found each other, lucky to be so supported.”-Andrea and Mike

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