Classic Cantigny Park Engagement Session Filled with Stolen Kisses

We’re crushing on this classic Cantigny Park engagement session! Susana and Tim rocked their photo session with Ashley Hamm Photography and we couldn’t wait to tell their love story!

The Proposal

“Tim and I met when I was going to school in Valparaiso, IN. He was working and I had just started nursing school out there. One of his friends was actually going to the same nursing program as I was. We started dating in September of 2019 and he proposed in June of 2021. We were on vacation in San Diego. Tim had talked to a company that helps with proposals in that area and planned a whole night. We had gone to the zoo for the day and I later found out that Tim was too nervous to leave without the ring so he kept it in his pocket all day and I had no idea. He kept telling me we were going to have dinner and walk on the beach at sunset. When we went out to the beach, there was a little picnic with a blanket, rose petals, pictures of us and a sign saying “Susana will you marry me?” There was a professional photographer there taking pictures of the whole proposal as well.”-Susana

Big Wedding Plans

“In terms of the wedding, we’re just very excited to actually get married. Our wedding date is June 10, 2023. I’ve always wanted to get married in the church I grew up in and that is where we are actually having our ceremony. The ceremony is at St. Giles in Oak Park, IL and the reception at Cafe la Cave in Des Plaines, IL. Both the church and the reception hall are beautiful and we’re just super excited to see what the end product of both will be on the day. Wedding planning itself has been a little crazy and hectic for me because we currently live in Indiana and are getting married in Illinois. Overall though, I think my favorite part of wedding planning is seeing it all come together. We have most of our vendors secured already which is a huge relief. I also enjoy having Tim’s input and not just having to make these big decisions on my own. In the end it’s our day together and I want him to truly enjoy everything as much as I do. Although we’re not there yet, I think the part we’re going to enjoy the most in terms of planning is the taste testing. We’re both very excited to taste the food and the cake that will be served that night.”-Susana and Tim

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