Golden Engagement Session with Personalized Touches

We will never step down from our soap box about making your photo sessions about YOU! This golden engagement session with personalized touches of Steph and Noe perfectly captures who they are individually and as a couple! Oh and they brought their puppy! We can’t get enough of these images captured by Ashley Hamm Photography.

The Love Story

“We met here in Chicago at our favorite band playing at The Rivera theatre in 2010. We were both there with separate friends enjoying ourselves for a Thanksgiving weekend celebration. When Steph first saw Noe on the balcony above her,  she turned to her best friend and said “I think that’s my soul mate up there! I want to go introduce myself. ” It was truly love at first sight! After that they went on a few dates and couldn’t deny the happiness they shared together.”-Steph and Noe

The Proposal

“After 10 years of dating and following our artistic dreams around the country, we got our families together for Noes birthday to celebrate in the summer of 2020. We grilled out together at Noes parents house. Noe/s mom said she wanted to show Steph & her mom a special blackberry tree on the side of the house. To my surprise at the perfect golden hour sunset (my favorite time of day) I could heard our favorite song “tiny dancer” by Elton John coming from the backyard & when I looked up I saw Noe standing in front of a big sign that read “will you marry me?” It was like a dream come true to have our families witness this sacred moment we will forever cherish in our hearts!!”-Steph and Noe

Their Wedding Day

“We chose to host our wedding at the most beautiful fairy tale venue “The Gardens of Woodstock” in Woodstock IL. We had a theme of elemental balance that our ceremony was inspired by- this included using the main elements of fire, water, air & earth unifying our love and our spirits as one. We wrote our own vows to solidify our promises. And our elemental theme came through in the colors chosen for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen too. The colors were beyond beautiful! Since we are artists, it was hard to choose just one color theme!

We hosted our closest family and friends to witness our love & the timeless magic we share! Lots of flowers, music, fairies, dancing, good vibes, & tears of joy for this sacred day.”-Steph and Noe

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