Lincoln Park Fall Proposal with Homemade Touches

We’re gushing over this Lincoln Park fall proposal with homemade touches! Rami went all out to make sure that his proposal to Nada was perfect! It’s something out of a Rom-Com and we are here for it! Photographed by Something Blue Photography.

The Love Story

“We have known each other since we were kids. We went to the same Arabic school together which is how our families met and we would see them often when we lived in Chicago. Somewhere around 2000-01 her family moved to Orlando. In ‘03 my family moved to Orlando as well by chance. We did not know many people there and so our families again connected and we would see them often. I hung out with her brothers a lot and Nada and my sister would also hang out. The most significant thing that came out of our childhood I would say was that I was her first kiss.

I can’t speak to what happened around that time but somewhere along the way our families faded away from each other and did not keep in touch as often. Nothing negative or malicious happened except that life moves on.

From there I know Nada and my sister would talk and hang out every now and then. I did not see her brothers or Nada for a long time and 2012 I moved back to Chicago after graduating college.

In 2018 is when the story starts up again. I noticed she was visiting Chicago and I can’t explain what made me reach out but it wasn’t as a date or with any specific intent in mind but it was to show her Chicago as she was with a friend and my sister was in town so I was going to take everyone out. It was summertime so of course the best time to show off Chicago!

Well her friend and my sister both bailed and it ended up just being me and her. So I took her out to the original plan of rooftops and speakeasies. Shoutout to Cindys, Three dots, Broken Shaker. That short night turned into a 5 AM walking around Chicago and generally having a good time. That night was repeated 2 more times around Chicago before she left.

The next weekend she went to New York and my best friends lived in NYC. I flew there and we all hung out. Same 6 AM timeline but this time walking around Central Park.”-Rami and Nada

The Proposal

“The proposal was elaborate with its scheming. I had 3 friends from work she never met before create this backdrop that you may have seen in photos. I had a family friend who owns a jewelry store create the wedding ring. [I used] the photographer that a friend used for his engagement photos to hide in the bushes. With all this coordination on Oct 24 I had the entire plan in place at Lincoln Park next to the honeycomb art fixture where I proposed.

While we were walking around she saw the backdrop being put together and pointed out how pretty it was. I suggested she take a picture of it and as I pulled her closer to it, she stepped back and said “we’re getting in the way of peoples photos”. Little did she know, it was hers.”-Rami