Engagement Session at Homeslice Chicago

Brooke and Riley joined Hanna Walkowaik Photography for a truly memorable engagement session: a journey through some of their most memorable Chicago haunts! Delicious pizza at Homeslice was followed by a trip to Oz Park (where Riley proposed) and a visit to their favorite rooftop view of Chicago.

The Love Story

Riley and I went to Indiana University together and his fraternity was next door to my sorority. Riley had a crush on me for awhile but we were hardly acquaintances so I had no idea! He found out we had a mutual friend and made his move!

The proposal was my dream come true. It was our 5 year anniversary and Riley wanted to have a low-key, but exciting celebration. We ate lunch at our favorite restaurant in the city, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. in Lincoln Park. Riley invited some of our friends to Homeslice to watch the IU basketball game, and after lunch we walked through the snow in Oz Park to meet them. I was completely taken off-guard when Riley stopped me and got down on one knee. I instantaneously started crying—I thought we were still a couple months away from engagement. It was the biggest moment of my life. 

About the Ring

My ring is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so me, and even though I love the way it looks, I love how much time and effort Riley put into designing it more. Guy Blando Jewelers taught Riley a lot about diamonds and helped him to create the perfect design. He actually rented a car every Friday for a month to meet with Guy, which means so much to me. So thoughtful and dedicated!

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