An Intimate Speakeasy Wedding with Latin Flair

Our cheeks hurt from cheesing so hard looking at this intimate speakeasy wedding with latin flair! Pedro and Jared celebrated their love with their closest family and friends and had a blast every step of the way! We seriously cannot stop smiling from this day! Photographed by Monica Miranda Photography.

The Love Story

“Our relationship started as all great love stories do… online dating. Well, Pedro wasn’t looking for a date as much as he wanted someone to show him around the city since he was new here. It was perfect, I had an elaborate day planned to show him all the best places in Chicago. Then when the day finally came I got sick and had to cancel. I thought that was it and he would hate me, but Pedro understood and gave me another chance. However, this time he made it very clear that he didn’t want to see the best-of -the-best Chicago has to offer, he wanted to explore MY favorite places. See where I like to spend my time. At this point I was convinced he was a catfish because he is too good to be true. Come to find out he thought the very same of me. That’s where it all began – two people thinking the other was out of their league.”-Jared

The Wedding Vision

“The description we gave every vendor was ‘Speakeasy meets Latin night club’ and each time we were met with an amazing combination of excitement and fear. When we told Monica, our photographer, she was SO EXCITED – that’s how we knew she would be perfect for the job! She was willing to lean into the unconventional and really capture the day how we wanted. Beautiful white weddings are wonderful but it wasn’t the right fit for us. We rented a blank white box and told our vendors to go crazy. They understood the assignment. Cheryl, our designer, went above and beyond even with our small budget. Every single element done to perfection.”-Jared & Pedro

Vendors Featured in this Event