A Summer Lakeside Proposal

The look of sheer surprise on Simone’s face for her summer lakeside proposal says it all! Alvin popped the question at Olive Park during what was supposed to be a couples session with Monica Miranda Photography. We love the images from this proposal and just had to show you!

The Love Story

“We’re both from the Caribbean, I am from The Bahamas and she is from Trinidad and
Tobago. However, in some twist of fate we met at a small liberal arts college in central
Minnesota. I was a year ahead of her as a sophomore and I believe we met through mutual
friends (Simone – he says “believe” because neither of us are actually sure). We would see each
other around, give the occasional “Hey, how you going?” and keep it moving. It wasn’t until we
were hanging out on campus during Easter break that something changed. We were sitting on the
floor in the dorms cracking jokes and she lightly brushed my shoulder and I literally felt a spark.
Some would call this phenomenon static which readily occurs when fabrics are rubbed together
especially in a climate that’s cold. I’d say it was a small sign that maybe we shared a connection.
I already knew that she had the qualities of an amazing wife, but in that moment I looked at her
and thought I’d eventually like to make her my wife.”-Alvin

The Proposal

“I purchased Simone’s engagement ring in September 2021. I was racking my brain thinking
of the best way to propose, but it wasn’t until summer the following year that an idea felt right.
We had previously mentioned wanting to do a professional couples photoshoot in the area
because we both love Chicago so when I brought it up and she agreed I knew she wouldn’t
suspect a thing. The night before the shoot I messaged our photographer, Monica, and she was
overjoyed to help. The shoot was scheduled for Milton Lee Olive Park. The plan was that later in
the session Monica would call Simone over to get some solo shots so I could get the ring from
my bag. Simone was pulled to the side, I recognized the signal and my heart immediately tried to
jump out of my chest. I took some deep breaths, got the ring, walked over to where she was standing and got on one knee. The look on her face when Monica had her turn around was priceless.”-Alvin

Being Engaged

“Alvin – My favorite part of being engaged is that it feels like there’s even more love in the
relationship. I don’t say that to make it sound like there wasn’t an abundance before because that
certainly wasn’t the case. It feels like we’re both even happier to be here. When she calls me her
fiancé she says it in a way that lets me know that she genuinely loves the thought of us getting

Simone – My favorite part about being engaged is the engagement itself! I love this in between
period of planning and looking forward to the next major milestone in our relationship. I love
being able to call Alvin my fiancé instead of my boyfriend. I’m also really enjoying telling
people and sharing the amazing pictures from our photoshoot with Monica!”

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