Rooftop Micro Wedding in Downtown Chicago

Rebecca and Bobby’s intimate, micro wedding was set on a rooftop overlooking the Chicago skyline at V. Collective Penthouse. This beautifully candid day was captured artfully by Savannah Linn Photography. We can’t wait for you to see the fun and personality these two put into their big day!

The Proposal with a Twist

“First of all, I have the absolute worst anxiety, so big public thing would’ve freaked me out, and we as a couple hated the trope of it being on your boyfriend’s terms with zero collaboration on such a big life event. We had a ring made, booked a trip to Iceland, a place we have always wanted to go, without telling anyone. Our families just thought we were busy the day we were flying to Iceland. When we got settled in we posted a picture of us and the ring and the location. To us it was more fun and special to surprise our loved ones, when we had already known it was always just us.” -Rebecca

Best Wedding Planning Advice

“Open budget communication! It is so easy to go down a rabbit hole of wedding Tiktok, Pinterest, and Explorer page thinking its doable and in your budget. Instead of sitting there for weeks thinking some of these things are attainable, find out the price immediately and consult whoever you are working with to finance this lol. We had 50 people in attendance, so we skipped on DJ, dance floor, all of that stuff. We splurged on food and alcohol. Putting on a playlist, eating good and drinking with your favorite people, doesn’t get better than that. We also splurged on our hotel suite. We knew our friends and family would be in and out, and we wanted it that way. we wanted our people to spend time together and have a central location. It also ended up being where we had an afterparty!” -Rebecca

The Best Part

“Overall, having people there who we love, who may have never crossed paths if we hadn’t met or gotten married. During the reception we both got emotional as we saw the people who traveled, drove a couple hours from Indy to those who traveled from all sides of the country to be our “stupid little wedding” lol. we will never forget the love we felt that day.” -Rebecca