Northbrook Wedding Full of Personal Touches

Nicole and Richie celebrated their love at Lake Forest’s Mission Hills Country Club with the help of the fabulous team at Jayne Weddings & Events. Their heartfelt celebration is full of emotion and countless DIY touches!


How We Met

We met at work! We remember that first day meeting each other perfectly. We were both intrigued and impressed by one another, but we remained friends for five months before we started dating. We just enjoyed getting to know one another and laughing in the office. Our first date was technically a bet, something about the number one reason for divorce (I thought it was finances and he said communication). Turns out he was right, so I had to take him out next door for dinner. We ended up talking for hours. It was a special night and we both just knew after that night that things would last between us. Oh, and he actually paid for dinner that night even though I lost the bet.


The Proposal

We were at my sister’s house for a New Years party. We were counting down to midnight as I had my phone out videotaping on my Instagram story. We shouted “Three, two, one!”, as I lean in and try to kiss him and he pulls away from me. You can see in the video I was so angry that he didn’t kiss me on New Years, I always wanted a New Years kiss! Instead, he backs up, gets down on one knee, and pulls a box out of his sock. I’m hard to fool, but I had no idea at all that was coming. Of course I said yes!


DIY Details

The acrylic welcome sign and reserved signs were all handmade by me. The gift table had a garland of photos of our parents & great grandparents. The photo booth backdrop was handmade by my mother in law! Hours of sewing! The cake toppers were also spray-painted animal toys, Richie is the bear and I’m the lioness. I painted and lettered the “Bride” and “Groom” plates. Our good friend Erik hand made the large “N” & “R” hung up behind our table at the reception.


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