Cozy December Wedding at Home

There’s something so special about a cozy December wedding at home. Photographed by Rachael Schriano Photography, Rita & Nick’s intimate nuptials took place at their local church and were followed by a backyard gathering in the season of COVID.

The Proposal

“After watching Les Miserables downtown, we stopped into a local jukebox bar we had yet to try, the Owl. Nick pointed out the photo booth in the back of the bar & we got a couple of High Life’s (the champagne of beers) to wind down after seeing our favorite musical. There was a band about to start in the back, so I suggested we take some photo booth pictures before it got too crowded. We pulled the curtain shut behind us, sat down, and right after the first flashbulb went off, Nick asked me … “So, will you marry me?”-Rita & Nick

The Wedding Vision

“From the very beginning, we wanted our winter wedding to feel joyful and warm and twinkly … like driving around in the winter when you can see Christmas trees in your neighbor’s windows when it could snow at any moment. We chose a venue that was full of glass windows & stockpiled twinkly Christmas lights to re-create that feeling, but we ended up having to change plans once our 150 person indoor reception would have to be cut down to 10. Instead, we decorated our front stoop & backyard with all the twinkly lights we could find, set up some tables with a hot chocolate bar and to-go boxes from our caterer, and had a party in our yard – just a block away from the church where we tied the knot. Ultimately, even the most unexpected change of plans could not have stolen the love and beauty away from that day.”-Rita & Nick