Classic Wedding at the University of Chicago Quadrangle Club

Tyler and Devon celebrated their marriage at the historical Quadrangle Club at the University of Chicago. Their wedding was full of personal details, from the guest book—52 dated envelopes to be opened each week during their first year of marriage—to the hand-designed escort cards, programs, and menus. Their pup Bishop (the ice breaker from their first conversation!) made a special appearance in this emotional and fun-filled day captured by Ingrid Bonne Photography!

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How did you meet?

“Your dog is almost as cute as you are :)”

So began our first conversation on OkCupid. Five years later, here we are (Bishop included!).

Our dates ran the gamut of Chicago culture, from a play at Theatre on the Lake to a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo to a Drag Queen show at Roscoe’s — and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

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The Proposal

In the summer of 2016, Tyler reached out to Devon’s favorite singer, KT Tunstall. Her tour was passing through Chicago, and the engagement ring was burning a hole in Tyler’s pocket!

KT is known for shenanigans in between songs, so Tyler knew that she would make for a fun proposal. He reached out to see if she would help him to propose, and she was immediately on board. As soon Tyler told KT that Devon had previously won a dance-off at the same venue by way of twerking, KT knew immediately how she would get Devon on stage — challenge the “House of Blues Twerking Champion” to a twerk-off!

Devon emerged victorious, in more than one sense — in addition to defending his Twerking Champion title (as KT had clearly not actually learned to twerk at Glastonbury…), he got a ring, to boot!

Somebody in the audience quickly realized something special was going on, and captured this video!

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The Wedding Vision

Through the whole process, we knew we wanted the emphasis to be on community — the community of people who raised and shaped us, who have supported us as a couple, and who will continue to hold us accountable to one another throughout marriage.

We knew we wanted to spend as much time on our wedding day with as many guests as possible, and we wanted our family and friends from different circles to intermingle as much as possible. The Quad Club was a perfect venue for our vision because of its ample spaces for socializing. From ceremony to cocktail to reception to guest rooms, everything occurred within the one beautiful, classic building.

In the ceremony, we incorporated a ring warming ceremony, to allow each and every guest to put their warmth and blessing into our wedding rings. We also intentionally limited our wedding party — one “Best Dame” each — to avoid exclusivity and wedding party drama! In lieu of a traditional rehearsal dinner, we invited all of our guests to a more social dessert and wine reception, which got the wedding weekend started off on the right foot!

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Tyler’s Favorite Memories

When everybody realized how strong our Signature Cocktail was!
The Grumpy Frenchman: 2 parts gin, 1 part St Germaine, 0.5 part lime juice, diluted with ice

When Devon and I finished our hugs and stepped up to our officiant on THE closing beat of our Processional song.
Moon River, instrumental version by 2Cellos

When unexpected moments turned emotional during the ceremony.

Taking a school bus with 50 guests to Roscoe’s in Boystown for the afterparty!

Right before our Grand Entrance, whispering to Devon — “let’s take the long way around the room — I want to hear more of the Beyonce song that we picked for our entrance!”

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Wedding Planning Advice

Everybody will say relax, which will have the opposite effect. So don’t relax — but enjoy the process anyway, each and every moment!

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