Classic Medinah Country Club Wedding

College sweethearts Jeff and Kelsey tied the knot at the Medinah Country Club on a gorgeous autumn day. Their vision of a timeless and classic Chicago wedding came to life with the help of planning by You Name it Events, stationery from Greenstar Paperie, and floral by Town & Country Florists. Photography by Julia Franzosa Photography.

The Proposal

Jeff proposed to me during the middle of my didactic year in Physician Assistant school. My schedule was rather packed with tests. Jeff had planned for a perfect night on a night when he thought I would be totally free. He had planned absolutely everything. However, when he reconfirmed my schedule, he quickly found out that he had misjudged my free time. He was suddenly panicking. I quickly caught on to why Jeff was panicking and I was then on high alert because I knew he was now planning our proposal. Jeff wanted the proposal to be a surprise so he quickly devised a completely new plan for how he would propose. I was busy studying for an upcoming exam when Jeff yelled to me that he cut his hand and needed my help. Being a future physician assistant, I eagerly ran downstairs to find Jeff’s hand wrapped in a towel. I quickly unwrapped the towel to find that there was no blood or even a cut. Jeff went down on one knee and pulled a box out of his pocket. He asked me to marry him and I suddenly realized that the room was filled with all of my favorite flowers. I said yes to spending forever with the love of my life.

Favorite Memories

The whole day was truly a dream to both of us. One of our absolute favorite memories of our wedding day was right after we were pronounced husband and wife – we walked down the aisle hand in hand and then were ushered into a side room of the church. We sat down and were simply in awe that we were officially married! We took a moment to soak in that happiness and then Jeff handed me his vow book. We always knew that we wanted to say traditional vows in our wedding ceremony. However, we thought it would be really sweet to both write vows to each other in vow books and hand each other our respective books on the day of our wedding. Jeff opened Kelsey’s vow book when he opened her wedding gift in the morning. Jeff wrote his vows to Kelsey in his vow book the morning of the wedding so that he could put down in words how he was feeling before we walked down the aisle. He gave it to his brother (the best man) to give to me before the wedding but because the bride/bridesmaids were running late to the ceremony, there was no time to exchange it. It was such a special moment to be relishing in our newly wedded bliss and to be reading his forever words to me. I am so glad we took a few minutes to ourselves to truly imprint that moment in our memories forever!

The Wedding Vision

My main vision for our wedding was that I wanted it to be classic and timeless. I truly wanted to look back 50 years from now when Jeff and I are older and still love every style choice about the day.

Since I was a little girl, I had always dreamed of sleeping in my childhood bedroom the night before my wedding and getting ready at my parents house the morning of my wedding. I chose St. Luke’s River Forest Catholic Church as I loved the historic and almost British vibe of the church. Then, we chose Medinah Country Club as we loved the intricate details and the grandeur of the ballroom. To us, it completely fit our vision of timeless, classic, and elegant!

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