Spring Wedding at River Roast

River Roast has one of the most spectacular views in Chicago. Meg and Marc’s wedding is full of love and laughter, the most lovely palette of mix and match bridesmaids dresses, and incredible florals by A Stem Above, all photographed by Jenna Marie Photography.

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The Proposal

We were in vacation in Whistler right before Christmas and were going on a snowmobile trip on December 19th where we would be going to the top of the mountains and see just the most spectacular views. Right as we were about to get to the top of the mountain peak, Meg tipped over the snowmobile we were both riding on. Whoops! No one was hurt as we were going around a turn at about 1 MPH, however it was a sharp turn and I’m no professional, so it happens! Marc was planning on proposing as soon as we got to the top of the mountains, however after the tip he took it as a bad sign to take out an engagement ring in 3 feet of fresh snow and think Meg wouldn’t drop it, so he waited until dinner that night and proposed at the restaurant. Although it may not have turned out as romantic as Marc had planned, we both still laugh about it to this day!

White Garden Rose Bouquet
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Bridesmaids in Emerald and Lavender

Favorite Moment

As we were saying our vows, Marc may have accidentally slipped up on one very important word. Instead of saying “my lawfully wedded wife”, he said “my AWFULLY wedded wife” and we all heard it! Meg started dying laughing and our amazing photographer, Jenna Marie Photography, captured the reaction perfectly. Let’s just say we repeated that part of the vows to make sure Marc truly did just mix up his words and didn’t actually mean it!

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The Wedding Vision

We are both fairly casual people and essentially wanted to throw one big party with our family and friends, where there would just so happen to be a white dress and a cake! We focused on finding a venue that really meshed well with us, and most importantly would allow our out of town friends and family enjoy the city and serve them some delicious food, so we couldn’t go wrong with River Roast!

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Wedding Planning Advice

Try not to stress out! There were days where I went back and forth on every decision we had made and planned because it felt like things weren’t working out, but at the end of the day, everything turned out perfectly! Try and make the day about you and your significant other, and limit the opinions of others in determining what you want on your special day. You know each other best so focus on just that, the two of you!

Modern White Wedding Cake