Montrose Beach Engagement Photos

Craving summer? Check out these Montrose Beach engagement photos by Janet D Photography! A mix of gorgeous light and our beautiful lakefront makes for the perfect backdrop for a dreamy engagement session for Jaimie and Selwyn.

The Ring

“My ring is beautiful. I knew I wanted a round diamond cut with a very thin band & that’s what he got me. He got me 1.7 Carat diamond with a very thin platinum band with 22 little diamonds around the band! It was love at first sight!”-Jaimie and Selwyn

The Proposal

“Selwyn’s sister Sanitha asked me (Jaimie) if I wanted to grab a girls only Lunch next Sunday, and I said sure. because we had never done so before. Sunday rolled around & as I was Leaving my mom had me change my shoes and I thought it was weird that she suddenly cared about what shoes I was wearing. I was starving in prep to eat, which Little did I know, wasn’t part of the plan so Sanitha had to quickly order me food before the proposaL began. While eating, She handed me a bag with my dress in it that was missing out of my closet (Selwyn stole it the night before!) and she told me to put it on and handed me the first clue which Led to my cousin standing in front of a store nearby, and eventually these 6 well thought out clues Led to Selwyn walking me over to the water where he got down on one knee and proposed! We were then met up with immediate family o take pictures. Then surprised by 100 of our other family members at Punch BowL. Complete surprise. I absolutely Loved my proposal. Selwyn did a great job!”

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