Rustic Wedding at the Two Brothers Roundhouse

Set in a storied railroad roundhouse in Aurora, the Two Brothers Roundhouse is a fabulous spot for a rustic chic wedding! Bridget and Sarah met while playing rugby, and wanted their wedding to have good food, great beer, and fantastic music. They certainly succeeded with their fall wedding twinkling with fairy lights! Photography by Inspired Eye Photography.

Our Proposal Story

Sarah and I had an ongoing joke of fake proposing to one another in the most awkward situations possible: for example, in line at the grocery store, or at a family dinner when someone accidentally clanked their glass. One weekend we went to a bed and breakfast in Michigan were I actually intended to propose. I said we should go down to breakfast and she said “Why, is my ring waiting in my glass?” to which I replied “No, it’s right here”, and gave it to her. She was in shock at first and thought it was just another joke!

Our Wedding Vision

Both of us are pretty laid back and felt like if we focused on the big aspects the rest would work itself out. So we made sure to have good food, great beer, and fantastic music. As for decor, we both love the outdoors so we decided to stick with a fall palette of navy blue. From there we added in various bits of color with flowers as well as simple accents… galvanized metal flower containers, rustic painted wooden frames, and fairy light jars.

We tried to handmake or personalize things whenever possible. I made our place card holders from old picture frames and Sarah came up with the idea of doing a ‘date night suggestion’ guestbook instead of a traditional guestbook. Sarah’s mom, sister, and family friend also make homemade chocolate covered pretzels and personalized gift bags for the favors.

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