River West Wedding at Galleria Marchetti

Lindsey and Matt were married on a gorgeous summer day at Galleria Marchetti. Floral by Indigo Floral and photography by Carrie Holbo Photography.

How We Met

We’ve known each other for 20 years! Matt went to high school with my brother, Rick. I never would have imagined dating (yet marrying) Matt. A few years ago, we both got out of long term, serious relationships. Matt started spending more time with his friends and I happened to be spending a lot of time with my brother. We got to know each other and found out we had TONS in common. We started to spend more time together and it just clicked, the rest is history!

The Proposal

My absolute favorite place in the city is Promontory Point in Hyde Park. I’m very vocal about that and Matt tries to take me there frequently. We typically go there to utilize the bike path, take a dip, and picnic. We woke up early one Saturday August morning and Matt asked if I wanted to head to the point for a morning workout and a quick dip. Of course I obliged. We did our run and swim. I changed my clothes and as we were getting ready to head out, Matt asked me if I wanted to walk along the walkway on the water, something we never really did while we were there. I thought it was somewhat out of the ordinary but didn’t dwell too much on it. We had seen everything there was to see on our short walk. I started to turn around to head back to the car and seconds later Matt said my name and he was down on one knee. There were no frills, no long speeches: that’s not him. Matt got straight to the point and simply asked, “Will you marry me?” At that time in my life, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!

Favorite Memories

The first look was so incredible. The whole morning was spent with our bridal party, parents, friends etc. running around with hair and makeup, tying up loose ends (my father in law’s suit was lost and eventually found), and just feeling somewhat anxious about how important this day is. So, it was amazing knowing that I got to see Matt and have our own time together prior to the ceremony. The anticipation made it THAT much better too! We went to the rooftop on the Ace Hotel and Ice Cream Paint Job was playing, I waited for the song to end because I could NOT imagine having such an anticipated moment happening with such a ridiculous song playing in the background. A totally obscure song came on, Genesis by Grimes, which I love, and I knew everything was perfect in that moment. Matt was staring out the window with his back to me and I walked towards him while the beautiful instrumentals playing. I tapped him on the shoulder and his face said it all!

Another incredible moment of the day was hearing Matt read his vows to me. I was so nervous about reading our own vows and having a break down on the altar (mainly because I was four months pregnant and hormonal and was afraid I couldn’t control my emotions)! Matt and I know how we feel about each other but do not vocalize it frequently, let alone explain our love and feelings for one another in front of the people who mean the most to us in this world. Writing and reading our own vows was absolutely incredible and I highly recommend it to engaged couples!

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Our Wedding Vision

Matt and I both love the outdoors, we have a goal of going to a national park every summer. Getting married in an outdoor ceremony was something that was very important to the both of us. For convenience sake, we also knew that we wanted both ceremony and reception to be at one location so our guests did not have to travel to two different sites. We found Galleria Marchetti, a secret garden in the city, and knew we had to get married there! Although we love the outdoors, we live in Chicago and love the city life too. It was a fantastic blend of both worlds!

Chicago Wedding Vendor Love

Indigo Floral Shop – My high school friend Lizzie Pergande turned florist, owner of the Indigo Floral Shop, helped make the day beautiful AND perfect! I gave her a color scheme and she ran with it, the florals were astounding! Lizzie has impeccable taste and is someone I wholeheartedly trust with not only floral design but event services as well. Lizzie worked in the event industry after college and has an understanding of how the day should flow from beginning to end. Lizzie was not only a top notch florist but she rounded up her other colleagues who work in the event industry and they all assisted in making my day go smoothly. Our wedding would not be what it was without her guidance and assistance!

Toast & Jam DJs – It may sound like an obvious thing but music choices were extremely important to Matt and I. One of the things we initially bonded over when we began dating was our love of music, especially the indie genre, so music choices were something we spent a ton of time on in order to ensure that the vibe we envisioned came to life. We had very specific processional songs with our parents, bridal party, and as my parents walked me down the aisle. Dancing down the aisle after sharing our first kiss to Altogether Now by Patrick & Eugene with all of our family and friends watching was absolutely amazing! Our intro, cake cutting, and all of the choices we made were fantastic. But, every song can’t be chosen by us and that’s where Toast & Jam comes in. They were incredible to work with and the dance floor was swamped the entire evening – it’s exactly what we wanted and DJ Rachel made that a reality!

Carrie Holbo Photography – The email you anxiously await post wedding…your wedding photos are ready! Our wedding photographer Carrie Holbo was AMAZING! She made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera and snapped some absolutely gorgeous shots. Carrie thinks outside of the box and got some really cool photos that I would have never imagined possible. I will cherish our wedding photos forever!