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More about Hazelton Photography

Hi!  I’m Caitlin, and I am the owner and main photographer at Hazelton (my last name) Photography!

I love photos, art, galleries, autumn, fairy tales, romance, quirkiness, stories, people, family trees, old movies, new movies, station wagons, wine & cheese, halloween, ghost stories, mysteries, people like me, people nothing like me, family, history, future, time travel, science fiction, music, food, trying new things, trying old things, love, smooches, romance, you.

My personal life consists of a very close knit (sometimes too close, haha)  family, which includes my awesome husband, and our 2 amazing children.  Brad and I have been together for over 20 years, and love spending time with our kids, whom we love more than anything else in the Universe.

I am a lifetime long artist.  A love of art is in my blood and were passed down to me from my parents.  I first learned to shoot on my dad’s 1980 Ricoh 35 mm film camera, and still used it into high school and college.  I studied photography and lighting at Columbia College Chicago, and received my degree in the field in 2003.  Art, photography and people are my passion and I have had the amazing opportunity to combine these three in my business.  I really love meeting new people, hearing your stories, and helping you capture these lives you lead in a creative and beautiful way. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to hear from you soon. <3