Chicago Eats: A Wedding Tasting Experience

Lakeshore in Love, in partnership with Wedding Whisperer, hosted the first annual Chicago Eats event this past summer! We’re so excited to be able to show everyone what this event looked like so when it’s your time to shop wedding caterers, you know exactly where to go!

How it Became

There are tons of wedding events held year round in the Chicagoland area and most of them are centered around meeting vendors. We realized that there are certain vendors where their product or service, naturally, isn’t easily shown off in your traditional “expo” event. Caterers are a big one! When hiring a caterer, you need to taste the food! We took this need in the industry and centered an event around just that. A wedding tasting event on steroids! Wedding Whisperer and Lakeshore in Love invited top wedding caterers in Chicago to provide samples, in cocktail hour fashion, for engaged couples and other industry members so that they could experience first hand the yumminess!

Chicago Vendors Come Together

To put this event on, we utilized Chicago wedding vendors in their element! With the immense coordination help of Wedding Whisperer we were able to land at Palmhouse 619, a newer venue in Evanston, who graciously hosted the event in their space allowing vendors and couples to get a tour while they ate! YazzJazz Music Productions provided a musical ambiance that made that “cocktail hour” vibe really come to life! The decor, provided by Nicole’s Magic, was the perfect touch to make guests feel like they were at a wedding event. But what’s a wedding centered event without photography and a photo booth? Rachael Schriano Photography captured the candids from the day and showcased the food in a way that has us still craving it all! Grin and Bear Booth opened their photo booth up for guests to have a keepsake from this amazing event! Lively House and Home made sure that guests knew where they were with welcome signage that wowed! We even featured a sample guest table from Rustique Swan that showed how to present your catering for guests.

Our Featured Caterers

Viator Coffee Co.

Mis Dos Magos

Bistro Chen

BellaRu Catering

Dynamic Desserts

Green Spoon Kitchen

Coco & Eve

Delish Cakes

Soul & Smoke

Amazing Edibles

Nina’s Empanadas & Dumplings

Peckish Pig