Tips for Rocking Your Engagement Session

One of my favorite things about working with couples is the engagement session! It’s a time for us to hang out, get to know each other, and celebrate your unique love. It’s normal to feel a little intimidated at first, especially if you’re not used to being photographed (a lot!), but trust me: you’ll be glad you did it! By the end of our session you’ll be pros – and realize being in front of the camera isn’t so scary at all. Read on for what to wear for your engagement session in Chicago!


What To Wear for Your Engagement Session

The most popular question, of course, is “What should I wear?” First things first: dress comfortably for the weather. If you’re too cold or too warm, it WILL show on camera. Plus, we want you to be able to stay in the moment and focus all your energy on each other.


Wear Something You Can Move In

Second, wear something you can move freely in. Layers are great for spring and fall! Feel free to incorporate an outfit change, but let’s keep these to a minimum. If you have a pair of stilettos that look killer on you, that’s great! But let’s bring a pair of boots or flats so we can play a little, too. Options are always key.


Avoid Distracting Patterns

Other pro tips: Avoid distracting patterns like stripes or zig-zags, and PLEASE – no words or logos! It’s also a good rule of thumb to keep the scenery in mind. For example, if you wear green to our session in a forest preserve, you might blend in!


Coordinate with Each Other

In terms of coordinating with each other: if one of you wears a cute pattern or print, consider dressing the other in a complementary solid color. Or, if you’re both in solids, opposite colors should do the trick! Anything that’s not black or white will look great with pretty much any background.


Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Finally, the most important advice I have is: Wear what makes you feel your very best. As long as you feel fabulous and we’re having fun, your photos will turn out looking like you, and looking amazing!

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