Meet Bukky Garcia of Exquisite Events and Floral Design

Bukky Garcia is the owner and the creative mind behind Exquisite Events and Floral Design, a full event planning and floral company.

Tell us about you and your story.

What is your background and how did you find your way to the wedding industry?

My name is Bukky Garcia, the creative mind behind Exquisite Events and Floral Design. I started my business about 4 years ago and boy did I realize what hard work and dedication really means. Since 2016, I have had the pleasure to decorate/plan over 50 weddings, be featured on several magazines/blogs, and win many awards. Through dedication, hard work, and PASSION, I was able to persevere during difficulties and challenges.

Many years back, I graduated with a master’s degree in gerontology and hospice care, a health-based career with the hope I will work in a hospital alongside doctors while helping my patients transition gracefully through the final days of their lives. I quickly realized after planning my own wedding that my calling was different. I saw the need to help brides transition through the planning process and making their wedding day an enjoyable experience. I realized that from helping hospice patients during their saddest days, to helping couples through their happiest days, in both phases of life I am helping my clients’ transition into a new stage of their lives. Every day, I am motivated by my husband and daughter who continuously help and see me through life's ups and downs.

I love to travel with family; I love shopping- I am a sucker for shoes (There are other things I could be addicted to). I love life and most of all, I love God.

Share a little bit about Exquisite Events and Floral Design's history.

When did Exquisite Events and Floral Design launch? What are you known for?

Exquisite Events and Floral Design was founded 2016 but we were in full-force and running the business in 2017. We are a full wedding planning and decoration company. We specialize in luxury events with great emphasis in simplicity and elegance. Our core business values are passion, honesty, open-mindedness, efficiency, creativity and optimism.

What sets you and Exquisite Events and Floral Design apart?

What's your secret sauce? What makes you different from everyone else?

Planning and decorating is not a side job for me, it is a passion and a dream come true career. Our creative eye and impeccable attention to detail sets us apart.

Tell us about your ideal couple.

Tell us about the type of couple that really clicks with you and your company.

We serve clients with the most discerning taste for luxury, simplicity, and elegance.

What is the best advice you have for couples currently planning their weddings?

You've seen so many couples go through the planning process. Share your best pearl of wisdom for those just starting out with their planning.

The best advice for couples planning their weddings is making sure you are present and enjoying each moment. The wedding day is about 6-8 hours in which it took about a year to plan. It is important that couples hire a planner or day-of-coordinator to help manage the flow of the day, leaving you to enjoy your day.

What's the ONE thing that couples shouldn't forget to ask potential wedding vendors?

Spill! What's the single most important question that couples should ask before booking a vendor for their wedding?

First, it is important to know if a vendor is compatible with the couple. If this aspect is sorted out, it is important that couples ask vendors for a contract. A contract helps build trust and eliminate assumptions.

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