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Meet Becky Brown of Becky Brown Photography

Becky Brown Photography has been photographing weddings big and small for 11 years. She now specializes in intimate weddings and elopements.

Tell us about you and your story.

What is your background and how did you find your way to the wedding industry?

I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Fine Arts. I was always drawn to photography from a very young age, but I don't think I knew that how to make that a career right away. I started out doing some corporate work and eventually was asked by a friend to do a wedding and fell in love with it. Eleven years later I've done over 300 weddings!

Share a little bit about Becky Brown Photography's history.

When did Becky Brown Photography launch? What are you known for?

I started Becky Brown Photography in 2008. Although I spent many years doing big big weddings I now specialize in intimate weddings and elopements. I'm always drawn towards capturing couples that make their wedding day exactly what they want it to be. My style is very much bright and bold and true to color. I want couples to be able to look back years from now and love their images.

What sets you and Becky Brown Photography apart?

What's your secret sauce? What makes you different from everyone else?

In 2014 I started a second company that specializes in elopements (Elope to Chicago). Being the only witness and "guest" at so many weddings has brought me back to what weddings are all about which is the couple and their love for each other. So I think (and hope) that my special talent is capturing the love and personalities of a couple whether they have zero guests, or 200. And my Mom is one of 11 children so I wrangle people for family photos like no other! haha

Tell us about your ideal couple.

Tell us about the type of couple that really clicks with you and your company.

My ideal couple wants their wedding day to reflect them. That may mean a church ceremony or that may mean getting married on a Tuesday and grabbing tacos after! Whatever the case may be I find that I work best and have the best days and images with couples who have a laid back style. Typically they aren't super traditional, but they do want to create their own traditions on their day.

What is the best advice you have for couples currently planning their weddings?

You've seen so many couples go through the planning process. Share your best pearl of wisdom for those just starting out with their planning.

The best advice I have is to listen to your photographer when they answer your questions! I've literally done this hundreds of times, so I'm full of knowledge and happy to help when it comes to timing or locations or lighting, but that only helps if the couple listens to the advice I give. I promise I'm not lying when I say you can't make 4 photo stops in an hour! Talking through things together with my couple and setting realistic expectations so we are on the same page makes for the best wedding days.

What's the ONE thing that couples shouldn't forget to ask potential wedding vendors?

Spill! What's the single most important question that couples should ask before booking a vendor for their wedding?

I think that it's important when hiring vendors, and especially photographers, that you not only like their work, but you mesh well with them and their personalities. Your photographer, planner, videographer etc. are going to be by your side the majority of the day. So getting to know them a little bit before booking is important to know that they will mix well with your crew on wedding day.

Thanks for stopping by Lakeshore in Love, Becky!


Gallery images by Becky Brown Photography | Photo of Becky courtesy of Carrie Holbo Photography